A history as rich as Bamfield itself.

Wood’s End was constructed over many years by a detailed craftsman in a private forest. Beautiful water and forest views at every turn give it a very warm, old world feel. There is a deck on every cabin, where one can sit in sun or shade while enjoying the abundant bird life and forest/mountain/canyon views.

The west side of Bamfield is frozen in time – famed for its rich marine life, long stretches of sandy beaches, the shoreline Boardwalk and the fact the west side of the village has no road that reaches it. You are immersed in nature from the boat ride over to the peaceful gravel trails and pathways that let you explore the peninsula on your own time.

This land is a place for quietude and solitude… a place to be rejuvinated and calmed by the simple beauty of nature. We hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to experience these wildlands and come away refreshed in a way that only nature can deliver.

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