Things To Do

Play and Relax on the Nearby Beaches

The incredible Pacific coastline beach is just a few minutes walk, bike or side by side away

Paddleboard, Kayak and Canoe

Surrounded by water, Bamfield is the gateway to the Broken Group Islands & the Pacific Rim National Park. Nothing beats feeling the ocean breeze on your face, smelling the freshness of saltwater and enjoying the natural beauty of the untouched shorelines. Did you know Vancouver Island has 3,400 kms of coastline…?! We’ll pack you a sandwich.

Our Maui 124s are a great stand up paddle board for anybody new to paddleboarding and even for the experienced paddlers
Comfortable open top Pelican Odyssey Kayaks at your fingertips to explore the limitless coves and catch dinner
Paddle to any of the endless Cape Beale Peninsula beaches.
Hundreds of protected inlets or blue water all the way to the Deer Group and the Broken Group of islands.

Mountain Bike Virgin Trails

Bring your mountain bike and explore endless miles of trails extending from your cottage at Wood’s End across the Beale Peninsula. Why is there no Mountain Bike festival in Bamfield? We have to change that. Contact us if you’re up for helping us build out the 2021 BAMFEST Mountain Bike Festival!

Hike Forever

On the property or off the property – numerous day hikes are yours to explore. Longer hikes include to the Cape Beale lighthouse and along parts of the West Coast Trail.

Stroll the Boardwalk and the West Village

Walk along the on the boardwalk to the West Village for ice cream or pizza or even the yummy smokies they sell at the store. Fill your day cooler and wind back along the road to Brady’s Beach.

The Bamfield Boardwalk. No need to bring a sandwich… it’s only 1500 metres long. But still awesome.

Take in the wildlife

Whales, eagles, deer, sea lions, otters, tidal pool life. Simply pull up a chair on the dock, walk the back property or charter a boat tour to see even more. It’s exceedingly rare for visitors to be eaten by bears in Bamfield. Still, bring bear spray.

Deer on the pathway to Brady’s Beach

Tour the Marine Sciences Center

With more PhDs per capita then pretty much anywhere else on earth, a must visit is the Marine Station where you can take a tour of the facilities, and learn about the maritime research on the most important resource we have on Earth… our oceans.

Gather Wild Food

Mussels, clams, oysters, seaweed, mushrooms, berries, edible greens. Below, mussels at Brady’s Beach and gathering Chanterelle mushrooms for dinner.

Chantrelle gathering at Wood’s End has been excellent this year – we picked these on September 23 and 24, 2020, made them into a horseradish Chantrelle cream sauce paired with red wine and beef tenderloin shared with guests at the fire pit.
Explore the enchanted forest and bring home fresh Chantrelle and other edible mushrooms found in abundance here
Chicken of the Woods mushrooms are growing just a few metres from the Mariner Cottage. Fried chicken of the woods has the crunch and texture of fried chicken, with the mild aroma of mushroom and forest… vegetarians and carnivores unite!
Holly and Saxon of the renowned Docksquatter Pizza serving up their world famous BBQ fired hand made fresh Chantrelle and Pepperoni Pizza on our dock on a beautiful warm foggy night Sept 20, 2020.
et Voila! Sauteed Chicken of the Woods!

Annual Events

  • Salmon Fishing Derby (BC Day Long Weekend-last weekend in July)
  • Volunteer Fire Department – Intertidal Golf (July) followed by Salmon BBQ & Dance
  • Tuna Shootout (September)
  • Oysters, Authors & Ale (September) – a celebration of local food, beverages and artists, featuring visiting published and local unpublished authors. The evening features appetizers, oyster tasting, beer tasting, live music and a silent auction. Proceeds from the evening support literacy initiatives in the community of Bamfield and Anacla.
  • Music by the Sea
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